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Learn how to use InDesign with fresh techniques

Gain control over the program by understanding how it works. Discover how to create advertisements for, magazines and social media. Also, explore designing posters, brochures in various formats to print.

Learn how to effortlessly set up documents and experience the elegance of correcting basic typography. Small brochures will no longer be a hindrance. Explore working with diverse page layouts and intelligent document organization in InDesign for quick, streamlined proofreading processes.

Panels and tools

Let’s get a handle on which tools are relevant and which panels are important for what you want to create. Gain an overview of the potential in InDesign without making major detours.

Pages, parent pages and templates

If you’re into recycling, you’ll love reusable pages. And the incredibly easy way to work with margins, columns, page numbers, headers, and footers.

Typographic concepts

InDesign reads your typography professionally. That means you get all the possibilities hidden in OpenType. There’s an opportunity to automate formatting with styles at multiple levels. It’s advanced, but this is where you’ll save a tremendous amount of typography time. And this is where you can create super smart, beautiful typography.

Tint Colours or Opacity?

The image shows the difference between tint and colours with opacity. Boxes with opacity are transparent, whereas boxes with tint colours are solid. With simple tools, you can create spectacular image boxes without needing to go to Photoshop.

RGB or Print Colours (CMYK)?

Don’t worry, you will be on top of colour management so both your screen designs and print design will have the expected colours.

Image setting and text wrapping

Is your text without widows? Does your headline not spill over to the next column but ends at the bottom? Are your lines aligned? How do your hyphens hang on the column edge? A beautiful image setting provides calmness to the text content and showcases quality to the reader. Good figure setting?

Photo and graphics and quality

Importing graphics and images. Here you’ll learn to set up an export control so your images don’t become too small for printing. And you’ll learn good scaling and cropping tricks. We also look at the creative possibilities you have with images. Beautiful effects that fit the Scandinavian design style.


In a world where we’re bombarded with visual effects, it’s important to be able to park a layout so it doesn’t look like a confused ball of yarn. But where the message stands clear. It’s not just about that, but also how you create layout grids for easier design.


Output for print and web as well as social media: InDesign was originally a print program. But when ebooks appeared, InDesign became pixel-conscious. Therefore, it’s possible to create content not only for print but also graphics and image collages for social media. We’ll also cover that.

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