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How to Photoshop?

If you want to alter content, create collages, extract elements, and modify colors in images, this course is for you!

Here, you will learn to change colors in subjects, enhance contrast and sharpness, and crop images into proper formats. You’ll adjust incorrect or odd color tones in images, refine skin tones, select specific areas in a photo and modify them. You’ll work with layers to swap skies in a picture or similar tasks. Additionally, you’ll master retouching to eliminate unwanted elements like dust particles. You’ll also gain insight into common formats and learn how to deliver for the web and print. This constitutes a strong foundational level in Photoshop.”

Originalt image
Umbrella matches the leggings after a brief visit in Photoshop.

This Photoshop basic course equips you with all the fundamental skills required today. You’re not just learning Photoshop; you’re also discovering how to make alterations to your image with minimal data loss, ensuring top-notch quality. Moreover, you’re learning how to technically interpret image data—a skill not possessed by many. This understanding greatly aids in identifying the most efficient and effective functions to use in Photoshop. The focus is on the latest techniques across all features.

Image formats and color spaces

Learn which color spaces offer advantages and how to use various image formats. You’ll discern between distribution formats and archival formats.

Settings and arrangement of panels, shortcuts, and tools

To make your work easier, it’s essential to identify the most relevant panels and tools and keep the rest on the top shelf in the kitchen.

Text and graphics

When creating content for the internet, there’s a treasure trove of possibilities for cool effects. There’s actually a delightful small collection that can be leveraged for graphic expressions

Cropping and Alignment

There are multiple ways to crop and scale images. Pixels are sensitive, so it’s crucial to know what you’re doing when wielding the big scissors.


If you’re into shortcuts, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get an overview of productive shortcuts and guidance on which ones are relevant to you.

Sharpness and Output

Here, we delve into the purpose of your image. Is it for the web or print? How sharp should it be? And what about CMYK versus RGB versus PDF?

Get Started with Layers

You’ll love layers. It’s the whole concept behind Photoshop Basics—working not directly on your image surface. You’ll get a few exercises that will turn you into a juggler of layers.

Enhancing Lighting Conditions and Contrast

There are several offerings in Photoshop for this. But first, it’s important to interpret lighting conditions in an image. You’ll learn to read a histogram to quickly fix any issues. No more working in the dark.

Boundary Selections

It’s crucial to isolate areas for specific adjustments, and that’s what selections are for. And there are numerous methods to create them.

Modern Extraction Techniques

Extraction is a mastery competition in Photoshop. Here, you’ll become adept at the modern way of extracting using ‘select and mask.’ There are multiple paths through it, so getting hair right is essential.

billedet viser hvordan du sammesætter 2 forskellige billeder til et nyt billede på dette photoshop kursus

Layer Masks

Masks are used to partially hide an edit or as an adjustable extraction. They’re easy to create and work with once learned.

Billede af stol med fåretæppe og pude. Stolen har metalramme
Image of designer chair
Stol med metalstel og fåretæppe Fritlagt i Photoshop.
Chair with metal frame and sheepskin throw extracted in Photoshop. Extracted image of designer chair with a blue background for illustrative purposes.

Removing Unwanted Content (Retouching)

Here, we explore how to remove annoying elements from an image. Whether it’s ex-partners or emergency exit signs, I won’t meddle. But you’ll get cool tools to perform non-destructive retouching on images. And you’ll learn to modify facial expressions.

Billede af kvinde uden retouch. Der ses flere forstyrrende elementer såsom flagrende hår.
Image before retouching
Billede af kvinde efter retouch i Photoshop. Øjne er mere klare sammen med læber. Huden er mere glat og læber er tonet ind så farven passer til en lyserød bluse.
Image of a woman after retouching in Photoshop. Eyes are clearer along with lips. The skin is smoother, and the lips are toned to match a pink blouse.

Enhancing Colors

You can intensify or tone down colors. It’s also possible to completely shift the image in a direction that’s more spectacular.

Originalt billede inden Photoshop optimering
Original Image
Billede der har fået farve og kontrast i Photoshop
Colors and contrast create a new visual style
Billede som har fået endnu mere farve ind til mere spektakulær billedstil der fanger øjet endnu mere.
A little extra adds more KAPOW style!

Brushes and Brushwork

I draw and decorate quite a bit myself. So, if you’re on the creative side, this module can be incredibly exciting. There are quite a few brush combinations you can utilize for various purposes. And there are plenty of brush-based tools too.

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