Illustrator Course in English

Embark on a transformative journey to become a master of Adobe Illustrator through my comprehensive course!

Uncover the full potential of Illustrator as you delve into the art of crafting captivating labels, dynamic packaging, iconic logos, intricate maps, stylish textile designs, expressive icons, compelling news graphics, and, of course, visually stunning illustrations.

Navigating Illustrator may initially seem like taming a beast, but fear not! My course is designed to empower you, teaching you the strategies to minimize the interface to match your specific needs.

Dive deep into the hidden within the program, transforming the learning process into an enjoyable and effortless experience.

Throughout the course, you will get fun task and learn how to leverage basic geometry effectively in your designs.

Discover techniques for image transformation, whether you choose to vectorize an image or draw freehand. I’ll guide you through mastering layers and navigation, ensuring a well-organized and efficient design process.

Embracing geometric design and thinking in shapes.

Explore text options for logotypes, cards, posters, and even text distortion, providing you with a well-rounded skill set.

Navigate essential filters that prove to be super useful, refining your design toolkit.

Unlock the full potential of Illustrator’s color palette, breaking traditional color rules with built-in color theories.

Learn how to infuse life into architectural drawings or any design that resembles a coloring book.

Finally, master the art of output with artboards and various methods, choosing between vectors and pixels.

Equip yourself with the skills to bring your artistic ideas to life!

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