Funky image holder

Well, we all know how to smash corner effects on our objects. But what if we want to become just a bit more creative? Like this:


The Recipe for creative corners

Chose rectangle tool. Ensure you draw with no stroke and white fill colour. Draw a rectangle. Goto Effects panel. Apply drop shadow white these settings:


Now we have a white rectangular object. Now we need to make one or two cowboy tricks:

While the object is marked, shortcut CTRL+C. Then CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+V (CTRL=Cmd for Mac users). We have now created another copy exactly on the very same spot. The poweful Paste in Place command.

The upper rectangle is not supposed to have the drop shadow. While the object is stil active we click on the clear effects button in the Effects panel.


Time for trick number 2. We need to scale the upper object to become even longer but not wider. And we have decided to to this by handling yet another short cut. Press down ALT while you drag the lover mid reference point on the bounding box. Then we scale in both directions evenly. In one go. That we like.


The upper rectangle needs to cover the shadows from the lower rectangle. Then we have designed some small clips for holding our images strict on the page.

Mark both and make them into a group (CTRL+G). Now they behave as teenagers. They always come in groups.

Move, copy and rotate them to create the creative placeholder for your beautiful layout.