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Illustrator Small Steps

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Learn the core of Illustrator in less than half a day!

If you are not that good at drawing you will get smart tips in using geometry. In a way so you will be able to make simple, but beautiful and crisp designs.

You will be able to use the most vital tools in Illustrator. No fluff and clutter but strict to the core. That is why this course is not 10-15 hours of endless learning. Keep focused and get the core in less than half a day.

Some lessens are made as “follow me” steps. So you can try it out immediately.

Become able. While having great fun. Learn how it all works.

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In English! Everything.

Learn in your own pace a pure and solid introduction to Adobe Illustrator.

Videos in this online Illustrator course

Section 1: The intro

  • introduction

Section 2: Make Illustrator look better

  • Workspace
  • New Documents

Section 3: How to create

  • White and Black arrow for selecting
  • Creating shapes
  • The object control panel
  • Rotate and create
  • Training: How to draw a Swiss style clock
  • Hot to mirror stuff
  • Training: Draw a diamond shape
  • Training: Build a bear

Section 4: How to destroy

  • Cut and merge shapes for new shapes
  • Training: Yin Yang
  • Eraser tool

Section 5: Curvy lines and straight

  • Pen Drawing
  • Training: French lily with pen tool and a little help.
  • Pencil Drawing

Section 6: Buffet.

  • How to create colours
  • How to create text
  • Artboards and layers. Treat them right.
  • Training: Draw a nice simple flower

Section 7: Output

  • Making a file for print
  • Making a file for internet