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Less clutter in the top bar of InDesign


Yeah, but what is the Control Panel? It’s the dynamic bar on top of your window. It has a lot of information. and maybe you really do not need all that. Or you don’t fancy all the possibilities. So why not jjust shut some buttons down so there will be better space for the stuff you love to use in InDesign?

Here is how to tidy up the Control Panel.

  1. Go to the mini menu in the top right side.
  2. Choose Customize
  3. Deselect the options you never use.

You can allways get the options/buttons back by selecting the options again from the minimenu in the Control Panel.


You have the opportunity to deselect both object related content apart from buttons related to character, paragraph, tables, spread and the obvious “other” category.


Personally I never use the select container or content since I got that option via a smooth click directly on the object – why then travel to the control bar.

My bonus is a less button clutter in the control panel in InDesign:


So ask yourself: It there any buttons or options you NEVER have used? Then it might be time for some cleaning. We call is a pure view workspace ;-)

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