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Get more out of the effects panel

InDesign Effect Panel

We have the cool and fun Effects panel in InDesign. But we also have access to it via the control bar. We got 3 icons to work on. One for the whoel object, one for the stroke only and one for the fill only. So, we have 3 basic ways to apply an effect on either the stroke, fill or both. That’s very awesome.


InDesign Effect Panel

This is the icon for the whole OBJECT.


InDesign Effect Panel

This icon applies the effect to the STROKE only.


InDesign Effect Panel

This icon applies the effect to the FILL only


You might also just hit the panel itself. Target an object and target the area of effect in the panel and start fiddling! In the example below you see a drop shadow on the stroke only. The shadow will then be on both sides of the stroke. The fill has an opacity so it’s transparent, but the stroke isn’t. Nifty.

InDesign Effect Panel

Conclusion on the effects:

You got 2 ways of appling the effects. From the panel itself or from the shortcut icon at the Control Bar in the top.

The good stuff in the Effect panel is the level of information you get. If either the stroke, fill or object has an effect applied you will see the fx mark (red arrow in picture above). Need to apply another fx you just hit the fx icon in the bottom and bang!

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