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How to create a permanent tint swatch


Tired of the same corporate colours? You might go the tint swatch way. A tint is a less pigmented version of your original colour. A weaker version so to speak. I have this swatch named “Mega Blue” in the swatches panel. And I would like to re-use the colour as different tints across a document in InDesign. Since I love consistent colours I will ensure that I use the same tints all over. I better create some true permanent tint swatches. Go into the swatches panel and hit the mini menu and smash the “new tint swatch” option:


Then you get this dialog where you will create as many tints as you like based on the colour you had selected before you did choose this dialogue box:


Unfortunately Adobe have been lazy and there is a glitch in this menu. It has been here for several years. So we just live on with the broken little finger. Who cares anyway inside Adobe … The glitch: The Add button is ghosted if you use the number field to make you tint. If you use the slider the Add button is active. You can overrule this by using the TAB key. The number field is highlighted so you can key the percentage in directly. And then the glitch appears if you would like to build several tint in the same way. Anyway, it’s not a showstopper in InDesign but it would be better with friendly user interface also here.


In the swatches panel all you brand new tints swatches appear with the original mother colour name and the tint percentage on the side. A simple and clear dish for a nice meal in InDesign.




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Reset a tint with a

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