Biebersize Me!


Really recently Calvin Klein promoted their brand new superstar underwear model Justin Bieber.


But. There is a dark seed in the pot. Someone releases a before image of the retouched image published. Claiming that Justin wanted to be more buff.

After the leak both Bieber camp and CK camp made the first leak to take down the image. Claiming nothing has been relly done. As we have learned from the supermodels they are also not heavily retouched. Cool.

But at Petapixel there is still an example of the before and after. Experience it here.

But all this is actually not to worry about. We worry about how to do this ourselves?

We use Photoshop. And we use the buff me up button. It’s hidden beneath Filter>Liquify and the button is named Bloat Tool.


Well, all fun starts with youself. I got a big ear and I would like to have hearing abilities like a bat. So I enlarged it to plussize with bloat tool:


Nu kan du så selv prøve at forstørre en af dine egen kropsdele. Vejen er vist …




biebersize me!
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