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4 fatal dead ends in InDesign

Usually InDesign is dead stable and really hard to kill. The latest versions have focused on epubs and interactive features. We have had very little innovation for the print designer. Lets have a look on some small dead ends in InDesign. Things that has been downgraded or simply doesn’t work as advertised.

Dead End Tint swatch creation

When you create a tint swatch the “add” button become ghosted when keying in numbers. You need to use the TAB key to move on. Watch the video to see the work around on this.

Dead End build a swatch within a style

InDesign offer to create a swatch while you are designing a style. However. It disappears but appears!


Dead End edit swatches from Control bar

Former versions gave you the opportunity to sort your swatches from the drop down swatches panel in the control bar. But in the CC versions this function disappeared in silence. Now you can’t sort your swatches here. You now need the classic Swatches panel.

Dead End preview style build

If creating a style within a style like a character style build inside a paragraph style, the preview ignores you.


Det er en problematik der er alle de steder hvor du kan bygge en character style inden i en paragraph style. En generelt utrolig sej feature der letter arbejdet med lækkert layout. De røde pile viser de steder hvor problemet dukker op. indesign-style-dead-end-002

The style if show when you click OK. But that is not preview …

The preview I should have seen while designing my dots:


A little recommendation:

What if there was an edit button here:


Now you know the little ducks swimming around in InDesign. It’s not showstoppers but it could be improved.



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